If you are going to candy shop you should not tell anyone

This Christmas we spent our time with my Grandparents. We stayed at Canon Beach. In the morning after we read our Bible we walked on the beach in seperate ways. We normally came back at the same time. But when we came back James wasn’t there and we waited and waited. After a long time he came back. We all asked him where he went and he showed us where he went on a map. He walked about 2 miles round trip. And if he went a little longer there would be a Candy Shop called Bruce’s Candy Shop. James and I wanted to go there, so we asked our Mom and started to walk to the shop. We got there and bought some candy and started to walk all the way home. After what seemed like a 1 1/2 of an eternity we reached our rental house. When we walked in our cousins had their shoes and coats on. We knew  that they were going to the beach but we still asked them, “Where are you going?”
Their response was, “We are driving to Bruce’s Candy Shop.”

I guess we should have kept it a secret, Opps!

We Wanted Less, They Wanted Less, We got All!

We had wonderful chores….well at least for some of us.
The jobs we had were kitchen jobs but the bad end of the deal was on James and I. James and I were “the wash every single dish and rinse them and clear them” team. While the girls had to set the table and help Mom make the meal (Mom rarely called for help.)  So after about 2 long awful months of pure torture, James and I demanded that we re-evaluate the chores. After awhile Mom and Dad decided that the whole house needed more chores regularly, (they always seem to do that). James and I were told that we were to do all the kitchen jobs, so much for the less-kitchen-job campaign! The girls were to do the house jobs like wash dogs, sweep laundry,vacuuming etc.
To be completely honest (actually 25%) this is the best chore system yet. It is clear what to do, when to do it, and what happens if it isn’t done.

The Crater Lake Hike

  For the first time in my life I was going to see one of Oregon’s most famous places.

     We had been driving in the car for about six hours all to see one thing. It was long and boring but we were driving to central Oregon, the easiest way to get to our destination. For the first time in my life I was going to see one of Oregon’s most famous places…..Crater Lake!
     To get down to see the great bowl of water tP1060769here was a hike about 1 mile long. Easy, that’s what my brain thought, but I was wrong it was a STEEP hike. On the way down it was easy. Then we swam; I had on denim shorts and they stiffened up and on the way up……it was a tough time. Immediately my pants became iron, then I started to slide down the hill the opposite way I wanted. I knew I was up for a challenge After a long 1 hour hike I reached the top, out of breath and tired.


The Time my Grandpa almost got squashed cutting down a Tree

“Papa run, run!” BOOM!!         This is what happened when we desided to cut the tall, annoying, good for nothing, Cottonwood.         On etheir side of our driveway there were tall cottonwood that were exremly annoying. One day we decided  to cut them down….with our 18 inch electric chain saw…against the huge trees These trees were probably  50 feet tall near a telephone wire a house and a motor home. We carefully and strategically planned how to take out the enemy.  We needed it to fall in a certain area. Finally I suggested to get a bow and arrow attach a rope to the arrow fire the arrow and loop it around the tree and attach that to a trucker strap. While this was happening someone cut a grove on the side we wanted to fall that way. Then the person cutting would run the opposite way the tree would fall then the others tightened the strap until the mighty enemy came crashing down. When they come   crashing down the trees make a huge BOOM!! so we named them the BOOM!! trees. When we were falling one of these gaint enemies my grandpa was still running from the tree and he barely made it out.         “Papa run, run!”

Selling Meat Chickens

        I was happy with my job as the meat poultry president last year so I steped up to that job again.
        Now with my gained knowledge that you should not sell the meat chickens a before they get butchered I E-Mailed people that would possibly buy the meat after been butchered. Like I sespected E-mails came, Yes I’d like 5 chickens, I’ll buy 10 chickens, I’d would like 7 chickens. But one caught my eye I’d like 5 chickens, I work at Intel and the cheif would like 20 chickens, AND he would like you present about the chickens as he barbecues the dead chickens. I was excited 20 chickens to the Intel Cheif, and present at Intel! I counted how many chickens I had sold and it was about 63! That was the perfect number.

The Invasive and Thorny Blackberries

After we had remodeled are next mission was to take out the relentless blackberies that owned are feild.  First we tried a weed eater the emeny, but that took. We tried are lawn mower that died tring to take out huge blackberries and aprivita. Our atapets were in vain we were losing the battle. Finally we found someone with a tractor and a mower on the back  he gladly came to help mow the destrustive blackberries. We were so happy to see the feild getting cleared of blackberries and aprivita, then a loud sound got are attention. Unknowningly he had mowed over one of our wells covered in the six feet high blackberries. Then after inspecting what had happened he continued on mowing until most of the blackberries were gone. We selabrated beacause are thorny enemies were gone