Chicks hatched !


They Hatched!

Hatching your own chicks is fun and exciting!

We had just moved to a 97 -acre farm and had 19 chicken eggs that hatched the day we moved in!  The day the chicks were going to hatch, was the day Mom was gone on a Mom’s retreat .  Dad had to take of a house with his four wild children, 19 hatching eggs, and take care of a house full of boxes to be unpacked- WITHOUT Mom’s HELP! One chick that hatched was yellow, and James my oldest brother, named it Goldilocks.  One chick was fast to get out of her shell; I named her Speedy.  One use the broken egg shells to protect herself from the fights between the chicks my youngest sister,  named it Bumdrees.  We kept 8 out of the chicks that became our first flock.

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