Ducks and chickens!

Pekin Duck

I woke up at 5:00 AM because today is one of the most exciting days in my life.  I’m in charge of 100 chickens and eighteen meat ducks.  We got the ducklings and chicks from the post office at 6:30.  Sadly  five out of eighteen ducklings died in one day.  We don’t know why they died.  We brought two inside to help them to health, but after tender care, one died and one lived.  Mom called the hatchery and they said that it shouldn’t happen, and would send more.  Instead of me being sorrowful, I should rejoice in the other 13 ducklings and 100 chicks I have.  It is better to focus on the positive than the negative.

2 thoughts on “Ducks and chickens!

  1. Wow, Jon. I see you are busy with farm work. And you’re right. It IS better to focus on the positive. Keep up the good work! I enjoy seeing what you’ve written!

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