Our really scary rooster Goldilocks

Our rooster Goldilocks was MEAN.
You may think that Goldilocks is a wierd name for a rooster.  When he hatched he had yellow feathers. James named the yellow chick, that we thought was a girl at the time, Goldilocks.  When Goldilocks grew up his yellow feathers turned into white feathers, and his little comb turned into a fierce bright red.  Goldilocks the war cheif rooster attacked us lots of times. Our rooster would sneak behind you then attack, when you are not expecting it. Then he’d ruffle his neck feathers, it was very scary. We had to carry sticks to protect ourselves from the war chief Goldilocks.  We traded our rooster with a friend’s really nice rooster.  Goldilocks our war cheif was fierce.

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