The chicken coop

       So you know that we have chickens.  But when you put the chickens outside they need a coop because if they don’t have a coop they might get killed by some kind of wolf, coyote, bear, raccoon, tiger, rhino….no we do not have rhinos or tigers.
        We NEEDED a coop, and we were not going to buy a coop, we were not going to hire someone to build the coop, so the only solution was to build one ourself.

chicken coop start!

chicken coop start!

(By the way, my Dad likes to build stuff with wood, and we are generally do-it-ourselfers.)  Dad cut the boards on the miter saw and James, Carley, Anna, and I screwed the boards in and stained them.  We built a coop with an upstairs and a downstairs.  The upstairs had enclosed sides, roof, and a staircase for them to get up and down. Later after all our hard work we put the chickens in their coop. When we put them out, they flew around and pecked at the grass, they were so happy to be out of a little cardboard box!

     Come back to the exciting story about meat chickens:)


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  1. I am now on the Disney Wonder docked in San Francisco sipping tea, eating fresh fruit and reading about chickens. Thank you for the taste of home.

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