Baby Ducklings Hatching

We were gone camping and going to a wedding, for a week and a half.  And our broody ducks were going to hatch their eggs while we were gone.
When we got home at 11 o’clock at night we went to bed, but the next morning we wanted to see how many ducklings hatched.  It was hard to see them because they were all moving around, but I think there were 12-14 ducklings.  Why I could not count them was because they were like little race cars running around in the blackberry bushes with their mothers.  When it is time for them to go to bed the mommy duck puts it’s wings down an inch and all the ducklings go underneath the wings.  I think the cutest thing I see is one duckling on it’s mother back.  The ducklings are so TINY.  They are so cute and fluffy.
Hope you will join me on my next blog,
These are our baby ducklings:

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