Fair Fun.

        “Popcorn! We have sweet, we have salty!”
“Come get an elephant ear now!”
“Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Only two dollars a hot dog!”
        I quickly ran through the crowd and checked on my fair entry.  It got a blue ribbon!  Then I turned around, and went back to maneuvering through the wandering crowd.  Anna, my sister, came up as fast as a cheetah.
“Jon, come on, James almost started showing his pig!”
We frantically ran through the crowd and sat down at the pig ring.
The judge said “James Terpening”.
After James showed, we left for the chicken barn.  It was a great big green barn.  Anna happily jogged ahead, she grabbed her show chicken, and walked out to the chicken show ring with her chicken.  The judge asked questions and then Anna answered them along with other 4-Hers.  After this was over the judge gave awards and Anna got Reserve Champion!  That night we went home and slept well, but the next morning we would have to be awake and do it again.  I truly enjoy fair,and can’t wait for next year.

2 thoughts on “Fair Fun.

  1. The fair is a blast, especially with Jon and his siblings there. Grandma and I can’t wait until next year, either. Can grandparents show their grandkids??


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