How the Duck Thing Got Started

ducklings swim

        One morning while we were eating, Mom was reading an email and burst out, “We could get ducklings!”
“Yeah!” we said.
        After a slow week went by, we finally went to get the cute ducklings. We drove off with two more animals for our farm.  Once we got home we put them in a perfect duckling home–warm soft pine shavings, a heat lamp, waterers, and a feeder. The two ducklings loved their new home.  Dad came home from work and we immediately showed him the ducklings. We all loved them so much that we got three other ducks–Khaki Campbells (the best layer duck.)
The day we fell in love with the ducks’ personality, was when we put them in the full bathtub for their first swim.  They darted under water, shaking their wings and rubbing their heads on their feathers.  We laughed until our sides hurt.
And that is how the duck thing got started. . .

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