Moving the Ducken Coop (Mission Impossible)

      Once we made the Ducken coop we had to move it because our landlord wanted to cut down a tree.  So we got a come-along (that is a tool that pulls heavy things with a chain, hook and a crank) and attached it to the Ducken coop and a tree and then we were able to pull the Ducken coop.  After the tree was cut down we had to move the heavy coop backwards, but there was no tree to pull on! So we used our truck.  But as crazy as this sounds, our truck was not heavy enough so it moved closer to the Ducken coop, not the other way around!  Finally we got extra webbing and tied it to a further away tree and cranked the come-along till it was in the right place.  After all our hard work the coop was in the right position, and we could finally rest.

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