Getting Pigs into the Trailer

        We had a pig for fair, and eventually it needed to get there. Which means we needed to transport it. The way we transport them is by a trailer. The problem lies there. It is not super easy to get pigs in a trailer because pigs weigh about 280 pounds and about 240 pounds of that is muscle.  Furthermore, pigs are smart and they don’t want to go in the trailer, because it is small and enclosed. When you have about 240 pounds of muscle fighting back, you lose.
        After 4 long hours we finally called the pig experts to help us put them in the trailer. In about 5 minutes they pushed the pig near the trailer with wooden boards. Finally the pig was close enough to the trailer, so they picked it up by it’s tail and the was pig in! We learned that using a piece of plywood called “pig boards” really helps moving them in a trailer.

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