The Invasive and Thorny Blackberries

After we had remodeled are next mission was to take out the relentless blackberies that owned are feild.  First we tried a weed eater the emeny, but that took. We tried are lawn mower that died tring to take out huge blackberries and aprivita. Our atapets were in vain we were losing the battle. Finally we found someone with a tractor and a mower on the back  he gladly came to help mow the destrustive blackberries. We were so happy to see the feild getting cleared of blackberries and aprivita, then a loud sound got are attention. Unknowningly he had mowed over one of our wells covered in the six feet high blackberries. Then after inspecting what had happened he continued on mowing until most of the blackberries were gone. We selabrated beacause are thorny enemies were gone

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