Selling Meat Chickens

        I was happy with my job as the meat poultry president last year so I steped up to that job again.
        Now with my gained knowledge that you should not sell the meat chickens a before they get butchered I E-Mailed people that would possibly buy the meat after been butchered. Like I sespected E-mails came, Yes I’d like 5 chickens, I’ll buy 10 chickens, I’d would like 7 chickens. But one caught my eye I’d like 5 chickens, I work at Intel and the cheif would like 20 chickens, AND he would like you present about the chickens as he barbecues the dead chickens. I was excited 20 chickens to the Intel Cheif, and present at Intel! I counted how many chickens I had sold and it was about 63! That was the perfect number.

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