The Time my Grandpa almost got squashed cutting down a Tree

“Papa run, run!” BOOM!!         This is what happened when we desided to cut the tall, annoying, good for nothing, Cottonwood.         On etheir side of our driveway there were tall cottonwood that were exremly annoying. One day we decided  to cut them down….with our 18 inch electric chain saw…against the huge trees These trees were probably  50 feet tall near a telephone wire a house and a motor home. We carefully and strategically planned how to take out the enemy.  We needed it to fall in a certain area. Finally I suggested to get a bow and arrow attach a rope to the arrow fire the arrow and loop it around the tree and attach that to a trucker strap. While this was happening someone cut a grove on the side we wanted to fall that way. Then the person cutting would run the opposite way the tree would fall then the others tightened the strap until the mighty enemy came crashing down. When they come   crashing down the trees make a huge BOOM!! so we named them the BOOM!! trees. When we were falling one of these gaint enemies my grandpa was still running from the tree and he barely made it out.         “Papa run, run!”

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