The Crater Lake Hike

  For the first time in my life I was going to see one of Oregon’s most famous places.

     We had been driving in the car for about six hours all to see one thing. It was long and boring but we were driving to central Oregon, the easiest way to get to our destination. For the first time in my life I was going to see one of Oregon’s most famous places…..Crater Lake!
     To get down to see the great bowl of water tP1060769here was a hike about 1 mile long. Easy, that’s what my brain thought, but I was wrong it was a STEEP hike. On the way down it was easy. Then we swam; I had on denim shorts and they stiffened up and on the way up……it was a tough time. Immediately my pants became iron, then I started to slide down the hill the opposite way I wanted. I knew I was up for a challenge After a long 1 hour hike I reached the top, out of breath and tired.


One thought on “The Crater Lake Hike

  1. Sounds like a tough hike. But it looks like you all cooled off in the end. Can you see Crater Lake in the winter? Or is it snowed in?


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