We Wanted Less, They Wanted Less, We got All!

We had wonderful chores….well at least for some of us.
The jobs we had were kitchen jobs but the bad end of the deal was on James and I. James and I were “the wash every single dish and rinse them and clear them” team. While the girls had to set the table and help Mom make the meal (Mom rarely called for help.)  So after about 2 long awful months of pure torture, James and I demanded that we re-evaluate the chores. After awhile Mom and Dad decided that the whole house needed more chores regularly, (they always seem to do that). James and I were told that we were to do all the kitchen jobs, so much for the less-kitchen-job campaign! The girls were to do the house jobs like wash dogs, sweep laundry,vacuuming etc.
To be completely honest (actually 25%) this is the best chore system yet. It is clear what to do, when to do it, and what happens if it isn’t done.

3 thoughts on “We Wanted Less, They Wanted Less, We got All!

  1. Dear Jon,

    This is a very interesting and honest story. I am trying to better appreciate your perspective. Did it result in any change that you and James think of as “positive”? Your very last 2 sentences tell me that there is! At least 25%-worth. What is that positive change? If you have a better idea for household chores, even only 25% better, you might propose it at your next family meeting. Then again, it maybe best to leave well enough alone.


    PS You’re great at demolition and cleanup! You could volunteer to do that!

  2. Dear Jon,

    What great training you are receiving! I’d hope that your Mom will also teach you how to do the cooking, housework, dog washing, laundry and much more. I can guarantee you that later in life you’ll be grateful.

    You were a super help to us when you visited for Thanksgiving. Thank you. Next time, I’ll have some firewood for us to split.


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