If you are going to candy shop you should not tell anyone

This Christmas we spent our time with my Grandparents. We stayed at Canon Beach. In the morning after we read our Bible we walked on the beach in seperate ways. We normally came back at the same time. But when we came back James wasn’t there and we waited and waited. After a long time he came back. We all asked him where he went and he showed us where he went on a map. He walked about 2 miles round trip. And if he went a little longer there would be a Candy Shop called Bruce’s Candy Shop. James and I wanted to go there, so we asked our Mom and started to walk to the shop. We got there and bought some candy and started to walk all the way home. After what seemed like a 1 1/2 of an eternity we reached our rental house. When we walked in our cousins had their shoes and coats on. We knew  that they were going to the beach but we still asked them, “Where are you going?”
Their response was, “We are driving to Bruce’s Candy Shop.”

I guess we should have kept it a secret, Opps!

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