Selling Meat Chickens

        I was happy with my job as the meat poultry president last year so I steped up to that job again.
        Now with my gained knowledge that you should not sell the meat chickens a before they get butchered I E-Mailed people that would possibly buy the meat after been butchered. Like I sespected E-mails came, Yes I’d like 5 chickens, I’ll buy 10 chickens, I’d would like 7 chickens. But one caught my eye I’d like 5 chickens, I work at Intel and the cheif would like 20 chickens, AND he would like you present about the chickens as he barbecues the dead chickens. I was excited 20 chickens to the Intel Cheif, and present at Intel! I counted how many chickens I had sold and it was about 63! That was the perfect number.

The Automatic Chicken Door

     After the 487th day of putting the chickens in we got tired of it. We knew about an atoumatic chicken door that would open in the morning and close in the night. So we got supplies and we got a window opener for this door. And then went to work out in the chicken coop. Well lets just say it wasn’t easy, we stayed out there till midnight two times hooking this and hooking that. After a lot work it was done and we still us it 2 years since we made it.

Moving the Ducken Coop (Mission Impossible)

      Once we made the Ducken coop we had to move it because our landlord wanted to cut down a tree.  So we got a come-along (that is a tool that pulls heavy things with a chain, hook and a crank) and attached it to the Ducken coop and a tree and then we were able to pull the Ducken coop.  After the tree was cut down we had to move the heavy coop backwards, but there was no tree to pull on! So we used our truck.  But as crazy as this sounds, our truck was not heavy enough so it moved closer to the Ducken coop, not the other way around!  Finally we got extra webbing and tied it to a further away tree and cranked the come-along till it was in the right place.  After all our hard work the coop was in the right position, and we could finally rest.

Fair Fun.

        “Popcorn! We have sweet, we have salty!”
“Come get an elephant ear now!”
“Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Only two dollars a hot dog!”
        I quickly ran through the crowd and checked on my fair entry.  It got a blue ribbon!  Then I turned around, and went back to maneuvering through the wandering crowd.  Anna, my sister, came up as fast as a cheetah.
“Jon, come on, James almost started showing his pig!”
We frantically ran through the crowd and sat down at the pig ring.
The judge said “James Terpening”.
After James showed, we left for the chicken barn.  It was a great big green barn.  Anna happily jogged ahead, she grabbed her show chicken, and walked out to the chicken show ring with her chicken.  The judge asked questions and then Anna answered them along with other 4-Hers.  After this was over the judge gave awards and Anna got Reserve Champion!  That night we went home and slept well, but the next morning we would have to be awake and do it again.  I truly enjoy fair,and can’t wait for next year.

The chicken coop

       So you know that we have chickens.  But when you put the chickens outside they need a coop because if they don’t have a coop they might get killed by some kind of wolf, coyote, bear, raccoon, tiger, rhino….no we do not have rhinos or tigers.
        We NEEDED a coop, and we were not going to buy a coop, we were not going to hire someone to build the coop, so the only solution was to build one ourself.

chicken coop start!

chicken coop start!

(By the way, my Dad likes to build stuff with wood, and we are generally do-it-ourselfers.)  Dad cut the boards on the miter saw and James, Carley, Anna, and I screwed the boards in and stained them.  We built a coop with an upstairs and a downstairs.  The upstairs had enclosed sides, roof, and a staircase for them to get up and down. Later after all our hard work we put the chickens in their coop. When we put them out, they flew around and pecked at the grass, they were so happy to be out of a little cardboard box!

     Come back to the exciting story about meat chickens:)


Our Chickens.

        Having chickens is exciting, fun and their eggs are yummy!
The chickens are very interesting and it is fun to watch them scratch, and some times we’re glued at the window watching them for 45 minutes full of excitment and tons of laughs!   When they scratch they move their whole body and then their big bottom sticks up and their head goes down to eat some bugs.  When they run their whole bottom swings this way and that.  And their eggs are so yummy because of all the bugs they catch while they scratch.
 Come back for an exciting story about the ducks.

Our really scary rooster Goldilocks

Our rooster Goldilocks was MEAN.
You may think that Goldilocks is a wierd name for a rooster.  When he hatched he had yellow feathers. James named the yellow chick, that we thought was a girl at the time, Goldilocks.  When Goldilocks grew up his yellow feathers turned into white feathers, and his little comb turned into a fierce bright red.  Goldilocks the war cheif rooster attacked us lots of times. Our rooster would sneak behind you then attack, when you are not expecting it. Then he’d ruffle his neck feathers, it was very scary. We had to carry sticks to protect ourselves from the war chief Goldilocks.  We traded our rooster with a friend’s really nice rooster.  Goldilocks our war cheif was fierce.

How to Hatch Your Own Chicken Eggs

Eggs in Carton

Eggs in Carton

Turn the incubator to 99-102F degrees.  Then get the fertile eggs and put them in the prepped  incubator. You should turn the eggs once at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   A week into the process you should candle them and if they have veins they are growing, but if not, they are not growing.  After you candle them put them back in the incubator .Then keep turning them at the schedule above until three days before they hatch.  In a total of  21 days they should hatch.

Chicks hatched !


They Hatched!

Hatching your own chicks is fun and exciting!

We had just moved to a 97 -acre farm and had 19 chicken eggs that hatched the day we moved in!  The day the chicks were going to hatch, was the day Mom was gone on a Mom’s retreat .  Dad had to take of a house with his four wild children, 19 hatching eggs, and take care of a house full of boxes to be unpacked- WITHOUT Mom’s HELP! One chick that hatched was yellow, and James my oldest brother, named it Goldilocks.  One chick was fast to get out of her shell; I named her Speedy.  One use the broken egg shells to protect herself from the fights between the chicks my youngest sister,  named it Bumdrees.  We kept 8 out of the chicks that became our first flock.