The Invasive and Thorny Blackberries

After we had remodeled are next mission was to take out the relentless blackberies that owned are feild.  First we tried a weed eater the emeny, but that took. We tried are lawn mower that died tring to take out huge blackberries and aprivita. Our atapets were in vain we were losing the battle. Finally we found someone with a tractor and a mower on the back  he gladly came to help mow the destrustive blackberries. We were so happy to see the feild getting cleared of blackberries and aprivita, then a loud sound got are attention. Unknowningly he had mowed over one of our wells covered in the six feet high blackberries. Then after inspecting what had happened he continued on mowing until most of the blackberries were gone. We selabrated beacause are thorny enemies were gone

Moving Again

        Now we were renting a house,  and while we were there we found a house we were going to buy.  Actually it wasn’t that easy, we searched for a house for about 5 years and after a lot of looking and looking we found a really beat up place with 7 acres of 5 foot blackberries. It was really flat and had only a few trees. And on top of that it had 5  beat up buildings: a house, a barn, another dwelling place, a cellar, and a garage and an office. We prayed to God whether or not we should get the farm, and after some miracles, dreams, and 1 whole year of waiting we bought it.
        Do you know how big a full size dumpster is? Well we picked up junk around this place, and filled ¾ of a full size dumpster!

The Awesome Cave Fort

    We and our friends and went to the beach for two nights. There were lots of sand dunes and they were SUPER close to the house. My friend and I thought it would be cool to build a fort that would be a cave. We put a pallet on the top of the fort to make an enclosed ceiling. Then we put sand on the top of the pallet to make it dark inside. And on all sides it had sand as walls. To get in we dug a walk way. That was the coolest fort I have ever built.

How the Duck Thing Got Started

ducklings swim

        One morning while we were eating, Mom was reading an email and burst out, “We could get ducklings!”
“Yeah!” we said.
        After a slow week went by, we finally went to get the cute ducklings. We drove off with two more animals for our farm.  Once we got home we put them in a perfect duckling home–warm soft pine shavings, a heat lamp, waterers, and a feeder. The two ducklings loved their new home.  Dad came home from work and we immediately showed him the ducklings. We all loved them so much that we got three other ducks–Khaki Campbells (the best layer duck.)
The day we fell in love with the ducks’ personality, was when we put them in the full bathtub for their first swim.  They darted under water, shaking their wings and rubbing their heads on their feathers.  We laughed until our sides hurt.
And that is how the duck thing got started. . .

Our Property

Our property is HUGE!  With a big pond, with all that playing fort building room it’s picturesque for a 6 year old boy that has lots of energy. I see ginormous oak trees as we drive up to a blue house,  a garden with vegetables, and  tons of trees. I hear a mix of loud chicken squawks, wild birds, and a COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!!! I smell flowers blooming, grass, and blackberries, (I also tasted the blackberries.) The sunshine energizes me to go run,  play and get dirty. It is fun to run and play in such a big property. In the shadows of the forest I see how wonderful God is and how He made such wonderful, gorgeous things for me.

Chicks hatched !


They Hatched!

Hatching your own chicks is fun and exciting!

We had just moved to a 97 -acre farm and had 19 chicken eggs that hatched the day we moved in!  The day the chicks were going to hatch, was the day Mom was gone on a Mom’s retreat .  Dad had to take of a house with his four wild children, 19 hatching eggs, and take care of a house full of boxes to be unpacked- WITHOUT Mom’s HELP! One chick that hatched was yellow, and James my oldest brother, named it Goldilocks.  One chick was fast to get out of her shell; I named her Speedy.  One use the broken egg shells to protect herself from the fights between the chicks my youngest sister,  named it Bumdrees.  We kept 8 out of the chicks that became our first flock.

Moving from the suburbs

 This move to the farm has changed my life, and if we didn’t move I would not be writing this blog.

Uhaul truck

 I was 6 years old when we rented a farm house in North Plains, Oregon.  Why did we move you may ask?  Well… because we wanted to live on a farm.  We didn’t want to buy a farm house and risk not liking  living on a farm, so we rented a farm house.  The family moved in March as our little chicks were hatching from their eggs.  Our family moved in a Uhaul truck to a 97 acre farm with a 2 acre pond.
Moving to the farm was fun and exciting!
Come back for more exciting stories!