If you are going to candy shop you should not tell anyone

This Christmas we spent our time with my Grandparents. We stayed at Canon Beach. In the morning after we read our Bible we walked on the beach in seperate ways. We normally came back at the same time. But when we came back James wasn’t there and we waited and waited. After a long time he came back. We all asked him where he went and he showed us where he went on a map. He walked about 2 miles round trip. And if he went a little longer there would be a Candy Shop called Bruce’s Candy Shop. James and I wanted to go there, so we asked our Mom and started to walk to the shop. We got there and bought some candy and started to walk all the way home. After what seemed like a 1 1/2 of an eternity we reached our rental house. When we walked in our cousins had their shoes and coats on. We knew  that they were going to the beach but we still asked them, “Where are you going?”
Their response was, “We are driving to Bruce’s Candy Shop.”

I guess we should have kept it a secret, Opps!

The Time my Grandpa almost got squashed cutting down a Tree

“Papa run, run!” BOOM!!         This is what happened when we desided to cut the tall, annoying, good for nothing, Cottonwood.         On etheir side of our driveway there were tall cottonwood that were exremly annoying. One day we decided  to cut them down….with our 18 inch electric chain saw…against the huge trees These trees were probably  50 feet tall near a telephone wire a house and a motor home. We carefully and strategically planned how to take out the enemy.  We needed it to fall in a certain area. Finally I suggested to get a bow and arrow attach a rope to the arrow fire the arrow and loop it around the tree and attach that to a trucker strap. While this was happening someone cut a grove on the side we wanted to fall that way. Then the person cutting would run the opposite way the tree would fall then the others tightened the strap until the mighty enemy came crashing down. When they come   crashing down the trees make a huge BOOM!! so we named them the BOOM!! trees. When we were falling one of these gaint enemies my grandpa was still running from the tree and he barely made it out.         “Papa run, run!”

Getting Pigs into the Trailer

        We had a pig for fair, and eventually it needed to get there. Which means we needed to transport it. The way we transport them is by a trailer. The problem lies there. It is not super easy to get pigs in a trailer because pigs weigh about 280 pounds and about 240 pounds of that is muscle.  Furthermore, pigs are smart and they don’t want to go in the trailer, because it is small and enclosed. When you have about 240 pounds of muscle fighting back, you lose.
        After 4 long hours we finally called the pig experts to help us put them in the trailer. In about 5 minutes they pushed the pig near the trailer with wooden boards. Finally the pig was close enough to the trailer, so they picked it up by it’s tail and the was pig in! We learned that using a piece of plywood called “pig boards” really helps moving them in a trailer.

The Pallet Fort

        Our friends invited us to go to the beach with them for 2 nights and we decided to go with them. Where they had rented the house there was lots of sand dunes and they were SUPER close to the house. My friend and I thought it would be cool to build a fort on one of the sand dunes. It would be like a cave sort of thing. We put a pallet on the top of the fort to make an enclosed ceiling. Then we put sand on the top of the pallet to make it dark inside. And on all sides it had sand as walls. To get in it we dug a walk way to get in the fort.

Fair Fun.

        “Popcorn! We have sweet, we have salty!”
“Come get an elephant ear now!”
“Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Only two dollars a hot dog!”
        I quickly ran through the crowd and checked on my fair entry.  It got a blue ribbon!  Then I turned around, and went back to maneuvering through the wandering crowd.  Anna, my sister, came up as fast as a cheetah.
“Jon, come on, James almost started showing his pig!”
We frantically ran through the crowd and sat down at the pig ring.
The judge said “James Terpening”.
After James showed, we left for the chicken barn.  It was a great big green barn.  Anna happily jogged ahead, she grabbed her show chicken, and walked out to the chicken show ring with her chicken.  The judge asked questions and then Anna answered them along with other 4-Hers.  After this was over the judge gave awards and Anna got Reserve Champion!  That night we went home and slept well, but the next morning we would have to be awake and do it again.  I truly enjoy fair,and can’t wait for next year.

Pigs are fun!

   Pigs are FUN!

Pigs are fun!

     We built a pen for the pigs.
     A shelter for the pigs we built.
     The leanto for the pigs was hard work but worth the meat.
     Then we drove to the pig farm and got our pigs!
     Pigs are Fun !