Moving Again

        Now we were renting a house,  and while we were there we found a house we were going to buy.  Actually it wasn’t that easy, we searched for a house for about 5 years and after a lot of looking and looking we found a really beat up place with 7 acres of 5 foot blackberries. It was really flat and had only a few trees. And on top of that it had 5  beat up buildings: a house, a barn, another dwelling place, a cellar, and a garage and an office. We prayed to God whether or not we should get the farm, and after some miracles, dreams, and 1 whole year of waiting we bought it.
        Do you know how big a full size dumpster is? Well we picked up junk around this place, and filled ¾ of a full size dumpster!

Getting Pigs into the Trailer

        We had a pig for fair, and eventually it needed to get there. Which means we needed to transport it. The way we transport them is by a trailer. The problem lies there. It is not super easy to get pigs in a trailer because pigs weigh about 280 pounds and about 240 pounds of that is muscle.  Furthermore, pigs are smart and they don’t want to go in the trailer, because it is small and enclosed. When you have about 240 pounds of muscle fighting back, you lose.
        After 4 long hours we finally called the pig experts to help us put them in the trailer. In about 5 minutes they pushed the pig near the trailer with wooden boards. Finally the pig was close enough to the trailer, so they picked it up by it’s tail and the was pig in! We learned that using a piece of plywood called “pig boards” really helps moving them in a trailer.

The Automatic Chicken Door

     After the 487th day of putting the chickens in we got tired of it. We knew about an atoumatic chicken door that would open in the morning and close in the night. So we got supplies and we got a window opener for this door. And then went to work out in the chicken coop. Well lets just say it wasn’t easy, we stayed out there till midnight two times hooking this and hooking that. After a lot work it was done and we still us it 2 years since we made it.

Getting More Ducks

     Well, we gave up that Captain would come back, and we wanted more egg laying ducks, so we ordered one khaki campbell drake and 7 females, 3 khaki campbell, 2 welsh and 2 runner ducks. Runner ducks almost stand 90 degrees to the ground and are 20-30 inches tall, and run super fast. The ducks are hilarious, especially the runners, they run, they quack, and they swim. That’s why I like ducks so much.

Captain the Runaway Duck

We now had tons of ducks and we wanted our ducks to hatch their own eggs. But to do that you need a male duck, called a drake to hatch eggs. I searched on cragslist for a drake Khaki Campbell. I finally found a drake 2 hours away from our house from the expert duck handler Dave Holderread. Everything seemed great all except one the duck cost twenty five dollars. Well Captain was used to fences and our ducks were free ranged and Captain ran to our pond. Even though it was February we got our raft and Dad and James hopped in the raft and paddled chasing the expert swimmer. After an hour of chasing the duck we disapointly turned around we lost the $25 drake.

        Come back to hear about the new Captain and the funniest ducks we ever owned.

The Awesome Cave Fort

    We and our friends and went to the beach for two nights. There were lots of sand dunes and they were SUPER close to the house. My friend and I thought it would be cool to build a fort that would be a cave. We put a pallet on the top of the fort to make an enclosed ceiling. Then we put sand on the top of the pallet to make it dark inside. And on all sides it had sand as walls. To get in we dug a walk way. That was the coolest fort I have ever built.

Moving the Ducken Coop (Mission Impossible)

      Once we made the Ducken coop we had to move it because our landlord wanted to cut down a tree.  So we got a come-along (that is a tool that pulls heavy things with a chain, hook and a crank) and attached it to the Ducken coop and a tree and then we were able to pull the Ducken coop.  After the tree was cut down we had to move the heavy coop backwards, but there was no tree to pull on! So we used our truck.  But as crazy as this sounds, our truck was not heavy enough so it moved closer to the Ducken coop, not the other way around!  Finally we got extra webbing and tied it to a further away tree and cranked the come-along till it was in the right place.  After all our hard work the coop was in the right position, and we could finally rest.

The Pallet Fort

        Our friends invited us to go to the beach with them for 2 nights and we decided to go with them. Where they had rented the house there was lots of sand dunes and they were SUPER close to the house. My friend and I thought it would be cool to build a fort on one of the sand dunes. It would be like a cave sort of thing. We put a pallet on the top of the fort to make an enclosed ceiling. Then we put sand on the top of the pallet to make it dark inside. And on all sides it had sand as walls. To get in it we dug a walk way to get in the fort.

How the Duck Thing Got Started

ducklings swim

        One morning while we were eating, Mom was reading an email and burst out, “We could get ducklings!”
“Yeah!” we said.
        After a slow week went by, we finally went to get the cute ducklings. We drove off with two more animals for our farm.  Once we got home we put them in a perfect duckling home–warm soft pine shavings, a heat lamp, waterers, and a feeder. The two ducklings loved their new home.  Dad came home from work and we immediately showed him the ducklings. We all loved them so much that we got three other ducks–Khaki Campbells (the best layer duck.)
The day we fell in love with the ducks’ personality, was when we put them in the full bathtub for their first swim.  They darted under water, shaking their wings and rubbing their heads on their feathers.  We laughed until our sides hurt.
And that is how the duck thing got started. . .

Fair Fun.

        “Popcorn! We have sweet, we have salty!”
“Come get an elephant ear now!”
“Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Only two dollars a hot dog!”
        I quickly ran through the crowd and checked on my fair entry.  It got a blue ribbon!  Then I turned around, and went back to maneuvering through the wandering crowd.  Anna, my sister, came up as fast as a cheetah.
“Jon, come on, James almost started showing his pig!”
We frantically ran through the crowd and sat down at the pig ring.
The judge said “James Terpening”.
After James showed, we left for the chicken barn.  It was a great big green barn.  Anna happily jogged ahead, she grabbed her show chicken, and walked out to the chicken show ring with her chicken.  The judge asked questions and then Anna answered them along with other 4-Hers.  After this was over the judge gave awards and Anna got Reserve Champion!  That night we went home and slept well, but the next morning we would have to be awake and do it again.  I truly enjoy fair,and can’t wait for next year.